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PAULINE.NING  International               23828
PAULINE.NING is an asia designer fashion label based in Singapore. We produce urban ready-to-wear feminine designer clothing with a touch of edginess, bringing together contemporary fashion and traditional handcrafted work. Naturally drawn to organic shapes and elements, gathering together contradictions, the work reflects opposites — raw and refined, structured and soft. 

Reaper Crewz Clothing  USA               23775
Hand drawn, hand printed original art t shirts and tank tops for men and women..
Herein lies the creations and contemplations of one man. A visionary or lunatic, you decide. Some say his brain has swelled to monumental proportions from an overindulgence of debaucherous tomfoolery and the search for hedonistic excess. It is said that he draws with over sized pencils handcrafted by Amazonian Pygmies. All we know is that man, our artistic guide and spiritual leader, is Buford J. McGillacuddy.  

DumbClothing  USA               22335
Unique, rather funky & Custom Made Clothing that makes you want to jump up and down. The compliments that follow are simply an added bonus! 

Seventh.Ink Shirts and Apparel  USA               21555
Seventh.Ink features high quality apparel for men and women in styles ranging from artistic to pop culture. Everything is Limited Edition, and all designs are by aspiring artist Matthew Johnson. Seventh.Ink products are made in the USA. 

Phlage  USA               21544
Phlage is an L.A. based clothing company that takes full-scale, vivid photos of urban landscapes and covers the entire garment as wearable camouflage art. 

GO PANDA  USA               20292
Go Panda is currently a home base business. 

faveur clothing  USA               16697
Faveur Clothing is a Indie Clothing company started by two brothers who had a crazy idea to design clothing that was more than just unique art and designs, But clothing with Heart, Truth and Faith! 

bonèr clothing  International               15959
We aspire to be the foremost provider of quantity-controlled clothing to allow all people of our planet the equal opportunity to represent and enjoy the richness of individuality and creativity through indie- casual t-shirts. Each release is unique, unalike, and unassuming.

Each and every design from bonèr is quantity controlled, meaning no design will ever be mass-produced. You will discover that each item carries a unique and identifying stamp, indicating how many were produced.


Urban Humanity  USA               11444
Urban Humanity's designs are inspired by the world around us. We create limited edition, limited run t-shirts and hoodies.

Check us out at 

Shelf Life CLothing Company  USA               10503
Shelf Life Clothing designs ferocious 100% Ring-spun Cotton Super-soft, sweatshop-free T-Shirts.

Come check out our online store! 

inky                 6811
inky - Original + limited edition tee-shirts fueled by red-hot creativity.

Fresh and original design for the design conscious people. Drop in our Blog for more info and details about inky and our tee-shirts. If you love what you have seen and wish to carry our products, drop us an email at inkyhabits(at)

We provide FREE home delivery island-wide in Singapore only. 

Vent Clothing  USA               4113
We are and independent owned clothing company consisting of artists and friends who design and brainstorm about our day to day lives. We "Vent" about our struggles and problems, whether good or bad, we design on what's on our mind...Hope you enjoy and spread the love, we'll do the same if accepted. Thanks 

Emporio Roma  USA               3143
The fashion rebirth of ancient art in modern elegant designs. Emporio Roma and its founding designer Scott Etkin recreate imagery from ancient times decorating soft cotton shirts that can be worn year round. Continue to visit or sign up for our newsletter as we continue to release new and exciting designs weekly.

Thank you for your continued patronage and enjoy. 

FLYSOUTH::CLOTHING  USA               2903
Flysouth is at the beginning stages of our new campaign for children in the arts. Flysouth will be holding art contests within grades 2-4. In which a select few children will get their artwork, along with some graphic elements and a little help from our design team, their ideas on our custom hand dyed tees. A portion of the profits will go back to the schools in support of the arts. As well as these kids get their artwork on some designer clothing.

This is one of many things we are trying to get off the ground, in the idea of starting FLYSOUTH. 

White Devil Apparel Company  USA               1768
T-shirts and Apparel with New York Attitude and Style. 

Nilsa Fashion Couture  USA               1561
A collection of Urban-Cultural Contemporary Style. Discover true contemporary fashion by indie designer Nilsa.  USA               1433
BrooklyNYC Clothing Brand brings an eco-friendly and socially conscious approach to urban apparel. Made in USA, BrooklyNYC is an Underground, Urban clothing company and Lifestyle Brand established by Daniel Norman from Brooklyn & by Shakeya Cotto, a Harlem native. The overall style of our company can be described as "Underground", and is a reflection of styles from Brooklyn, Harlem, and NYC in general. New York City is a melting pot of cultures, styles, fashions, music, and people from around the world. We at BrooklyNYC are influenced by this global melting pot. Our name is a combination of Brooklyn + NYC = BrooklyNYC. (With one "N", not Brooklynnyc.) 

Fierce Apparel  USA               1413
We are a company consisting of Four brothers. Our company take a look. We are just a couple of normal guys that got together one day and said that there was a major lack of incredible design in the clothing industry, so we decided to start our own clothing company that produced the utmost of in your face graphics. We specialize in Full tee prints. 

Camisado Industries  USA               1251
Camisado Industries is a fairly new personal clothing line. Everything is made by a 17 year old girl who lives in the metro Detroit area. Check us out! We're really unique and fun. 

Cortez and Company  USA               1170
A trendy line of Native-styled Baby Carriers for both Mami & Papi. service! Add more fun to parenting, we did! **CAUTION** Viewing may cause excess drool, napkins available at checkout 

Abnormal Urban Clothing  USA               1045
We are a small company that hand prints clothes, hosts t-shirt and poster design competitions, and does custom silkscreen printing using only the finest materials. 

Urban Clothing (21)
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