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Crochet Clouds  USA               23789
DIY and personal style blog by eco-friendly fashion and accessories designer, Gina Michele. 

Bleiu-tique  USA               23769
Eco, deconstructed, inspired 

Melissa Tabor  USA               21498
A Nashville based clothing designer specializing in womenswear. 

Camille.ion  International               21450
A blog dedicated to fashion, sustainability, and art.
A true camille.ion is a changeable, or inconstant person. Meaning: this fashionista has her own style which consists of a melange of all things she loves. She does not follow trends...she makes them.

Cupcake Beauty  USA               21172
Cupcake Beauty
Sweets for your skin! Scrumptious scents in paraben free bath and body products. 

Favourite Vintage Finds  International               20759
My blog features all sorts of my favourite vintage finds...and fave vintage inspired finds. I sell on ebay on occasion and post sneak peaks of all my upcoming listings on my blog.  

A Beauty Journal  USA               20116
A Beauty Journal is an online publication that reveals the fabulous but unnoticed aspects of the fashion and beauty industries, fulfilling fashion devotees desire for a fresh perspective not featured in mainstream media. 

Sweet Dog Organics  USA               18317
Sweet Dog Organics is an organic dog treat bakery. We believe that dogs are not just pets but family members who should be able to live the same healthy organic lifestyle as their owners. Through our devotion to the use of all natural ingredients, Sweet Dog Organics strives to provide a fun and healthy dog treats for the devoted pet. 

Pause Designs  International               17323
100% independent clothing apparel. Designed, printed, and sewn entirely by us. If you don't think these are the best t-shirts ever made (EVER) we will gladly buy you a steak*.

*Just kidding, buy your own steak, but the shirts really are awesome. 

{sweeter than me} designs  USA               17274
The {sweeter than me} designs blog is about my life as an indie jewelry designer, wife, and mother of a crazy two year old. I also share cool things I find (Friday Fresh Finds), and promote and support fellow indie artists (Undiscovered Artist Thursdays). I offer exclusive specials to my shop (Saturday Fifteen & Tuesday Deal), and have fun drawings, games, and contest every month! 

Serendipity Designs  International               17015
Created out of the love of jewellery crafting and designed art, Serendipity Designs is an avenue to share and showcase unique inspirations and creativity. As the name Serendipity suggests, may you discover something desirable here. 

Miseducated  International               16649
mis·ed·u·cat·ed To be educated improperly. im·prop·er Not in keeping with conventional mores; indecorous: improper behavior. ; Irregular or abnormal.

This is a webzine for girls who are a little different to spread internet sunshine (since 1996) 

nonpareil  USA               16270
unparalleled indie artists, crafters, jewelers, shop owners and musicians.  

Painted Petals  International               8598
Here at Painted Petals we believe in bringing only the most exquisite and unique handmade accessories to you! Frequently updated and managed by a team of friendly and passionate peeps (: Come on down and check us out now! 

Material Bitch  USA               6529
Material Bitch clothing manages to capture the unique spirit of today’s fierce youth. Benefiting from the pop culture explosion and the likes of some of Hollywood’s most notorious proudly strutting up and down the streets of Melrose in MB, MB clothing is hard to keep in stock. Made with only the most posh materials to flatter your sexy curves, we insist this is an investment you will be happy you made. 

Indie Love  USA               2790
Sometimes you just wanna SHARE all the things that you've found & that you love. To showcase the beautiful items that people create! I am a designer myself and I am also a self recognized shopaholic. So, I feel it is my obligation to share with others my finds and funs-I hope you enjoy them too! 

Scoutie Girl  USA               2026
Scoutie Girl is an indie designer digging up fabulous finds from other indie designers and artists. She likes form & function, beauty & duty, earth friendly, stretched convention, made in the USA items. Editorial features and paid sponsor spots available. Send us a note! 

Quirkyland  International               1684
Quirkyness, smiles and huggabiliy. Also some wearables and hangables, for both kids and kidults. ;) 

Stylesse Handbags & Apparel  USA               1374
Stylesse combines the best things in life - style and finesse. 

Blogs (19)
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